Bachelor’s Degree

From the academic year 2019-2020, the Imola Academy established Bachelor’s Degree Courses of the class L-3 “Disciplines of the figurative arts of music, entertainment and fashion”, in eight music departments: PIANO, FLUTE, VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO, GUITAR, CHAMBER MUSIC and COMPOSITION, as by art.1 of the 01/03/2019 Decree 177 of Italian Minister of Education, University and Research.

The University degrees released by Imola Academy are equivalent to the academic degrees of first and second level by the Conservatories of Music (article. 1, co. 102-107 of the 2013 Stability Law 228/2012).

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To enroll, you must be in possession of the High School Diploma or equivalent qualification, and be aged between 18 and 23 years (except derogation by the Director according to the Academic Board).

The admission to the  Bachelor’s Degree is subject to passing the instrumental practise entrance exam, respecting the didactic regulation of each Academies. The admission music programs are available in the section of the web site “Academies and Courses“. For the guideline about the musical program requested to admission exam, it is necessary to follow the age criteria in which the Courses are divided in. For further clarifications please contact the secretariat at +39 0542-30802, or by mail at

Deadline is September 1st 2020. The admission exam dates will be announced to each candidate by the secretariat. The admission exams will take place starting from September 14th 2020, except derogation due to Covid-19 emergency. The secretariat will contact every candidate indicating all the details to complete the enrollment process. The result of the exams will be announced by October 30th.
For the students of the Imola Academy already enrolled, who intend to go to the Bachelor’s Degree, it is not necessary passing the admission exam but it is needed to communicate this intention to the secretariat within September 1st.

The ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-2021
On the academic year 2020-2021, the first and second annual of Bachelor’s Degree will be activated. The Academy reserves the right to not activate the first year, in the case of the minimum number of students will not be reached.

The students have to attend at least the 80% of every course of the teaching plan, under penalty of inability to enrol in the compulsory verification test of each course that will take place at the end of the year, according to a calendar defined by the secretariat. For each course two exam sessions a year are granted.
In case of not passing the verification exam of music courses at the end of the year there is no possibility of taking it again, not even in the second session available (except derogation by the Director according to the Academic Board) and involves the inability of the continuation of the studies at the Imola Academy.
In case of not passing the verification exam of the other theory courses, there is the chance to retrieve exclusively in the second session planned and available in the same academic year of attendance (except derogation by the Director according to the Academic Board), under penalty of inability to continue the studies at the Imola Academy.
All the specifications concerning the schedule of the lessons and the program of each course will be announced to the students by the secretariat.
Considering the high selection requested in admission exams, the Academy is available to talk with every single student, to permit a program of attendance and the overcoming of the exams according to their extra-academic artistic commitments -concerts, competitions, tours etc. etc.- agreed by the student with his music Professor(exceptions and derogations to the discretion of the Director according to Academic Board).
There will be no derogation concerning not achieving the requested number of formative credits expected by the regulation to the aim of obtaining the Bachelor’s Degree.

The courses will be held in Italian and English. In group courses, the teaching language will be chosen depending on the composition of the class. Anyway, the chance to study and take verification exams following an Italian and English bibliography is granted to the students.

To enroll in the admission exam it is necessary to pay a €60 fee at the act of enrollment. The secretariat will indicate all the details.

Once the exam has been passed, the student has to pay the €140 compulsory tax directly to the service of Diritto allo studio of Regione Emilia Romagna ERGO within November 10th. The service of Diritto allo Studio involves the provision of amounts supporting the study and can be accessed through the official notice. All the details can be found on the related web site of Regione Emilia Romagna

The Bachelor’s Degree annual fee amounts to €3.450,00 payable in three installments according to the following calendar:
November 15th I fee expiry € 1.125,00
February 15th II fee expiry€ 1.125,00
April 15th III fee expiry€ 1.200,00
The payment of the attendance fee is compulsory, under penalty of inability to attend the courses. The Academy is available to consider a  rescheduling  installments, under specific request by the student.

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Professors of Music Courses are listed in the section of the site “Professors“.
In the case of multiple teachers, the candidate can indicate a specific preference that will be respected within the limits of the classes. The assignment of teachers is a discretion of the Director of the reference Academy.

Upon enrollment, the student undertakes to sign and comply with the official Regulations governing the didactic and organizational aspects of the courses attended. Each year the Academy reserves the right to make changes to the Regulations in order to improve the service for students. Any changes will be promptly communicated through publication on the site and direct communication to the students through the teaching secretariat.