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Director Boris Belkin
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The Triennial  Violin Course is targeted on educating  high profile professionals with solid  technical  and artistic skills. The educational goals are oriented to the creation of an artist who has got the specific tools to engage a solo or chamber carrier with the necessary requirements and knowledge in order to face, manage and sustain a high level concert event.
In order to archieve the educational goals, public performing is to be considered a fundamental moment in the educational path.

The access to Accademy as an effective student involves passing an Admission exam, according to the call for competition. The Violin improvement courses have a single address: solo and concert, which includes two different levels, allowing the students to get their diploma: ordinary and master.
The Master title is recognized for particular merits  by the Committee, with an overall majority, during the yearly final tests. Such qualified students  are exempted from the yearly tuition  payment. Students may access the courses as Auditors, through a simple request to the main office. Auditors may attend the violin classes and all the Academy activities, under previous authorization of the single teachers.
Auditors who would like to join in the seminars as performers must ask for written Direction authorization, which may require an audition. Auditors may attend all the  Academy’s activities, under the single teacher’s authorization but they are not allowed to write on their resumé that they are or were students at the Accademia.

Triennial Violin improvement Course: open to students who have a Conservatory Diploma (old system- first level three years) or, if missing those titles, an education level to be considered by the Committee suitable and compatible with our excellence course. Such exception is to be assessed by the Committee.
–  Multiannual Violin Course: for students until the achievement of a Conservatory Diploma. The young performers will lead a parallel activity to those of the triennal course, setting solid basement for educational continuity within the Accademy.

The school plan for the Multiannual Violin Course includes for every year the study of:

  • a program from recital
  • one piece for violin and orchestra
  • a romantic concert for violin and orchestra
  • one virtuoso piece
  • one contemporary repertoire piece

During the Academic year there will be at least four public performances: two academic ones and two technique exams, evaluated by a specific committee
– the two technique examinations will take place during the last stage in November and the last but one  stage in May  (see school schedule);
– the two public performances , as part of a study plan, are mandatory for every student, two stages in December and one in May.
All the students must participate in academic concerts and they will be required to perform the pieces they studied during the schoolyear.The best students will have the possibility to perform a recital concert.  (see Practice and  Concerts).
The technique exams consist of a complete scale performance, that will be drawn at that moment (major, minor, arpeggio, double strings, – third, sixth, octaves, fingered octaves and tenths) two by Paganini, Mazas, Dont, Kreutzer, Wieniawski etc, along each student’s level). The scales with simple string and arpeggio must be performed in two arcades, double string scales must be performed bound “in four”. The whole exam must be performed by heart.

In order to go on to the following year, students must pass the yearly final test, with a program that will be agreed with the teacher.

Individual or group classes usually take place in the October-June period .

Here are the monthly classes based on these amounts for each course:
– Triennial Course a minimum of 5 monthly hours, 60 minutes each,is granted, for a yearly total of 40 hours;
– Multiannual Course a minimum of 5 monthly hours, 60 min. each, for a yearly total of40 hours.

The courses attendance is for a limited number of students, applicants will be admitted based on the list that will be set during the Admission exam.
In case of documented requests of  relevant interest,the exam may be performed during the schoolyear, but the admission will still undergo the previous list.


The admission exam is by audition, its program must include the performance of:

– for the triennial advanced violin course :

  • a free choice piece for solo violin
  • a free choice of a piece for violin, accompanied by pianoforte.

– for the multiannual violin course:

  • a free choice piece for solo violin
  • free choice of a piece for violin, accompanied by pianoforte

Triennial Course has a yearly cost of 2250,00€
Multiannual Course has a cost of € 1900,00€
The payment is divided into 2 fees, it must be made as follows:
First fee expiring 15th October of each academic year
Second fee expiring 15th February of each academic year