Fortepiano Course

This is a Triennial Course with no age limits. The course is held by Maestro Stefano Fiuzzi for the students who want to go deeper into execution praxis on historical instruments.
The course is about historical repertoire including operas composed between mid 18th and 19th century, and practice over original instruments or copies of the time.
The course is supplemented by Seminars on the topic all year long.

Admission exam:
– an opera by Carl Philip Emanuel Bach, or by Joseph Haydn or by Muzio Clementi or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
– an opera by Ludwig van Beethoven
– an opera by Franz Schubert
The exam shall be operated on a modern instrument or on one of the ancient period, according to the applicant

Sign up for the Admission exam:  click here

Passage test:
– a 60 minutes program, including pieces to be performed on antique instruments.

Academic Diploma:
At the end of the Triennal Course students can obtain their Diploma after their Final exam.

Diploma exam:
– a recital to last 60 minutes, including pieces to be performed on antique instruments
– an essay over performing praxis on antique instruments, piano history and literature
– test on the knowledge of the main texts

Costs and deadline:
Annual tuition fee: 1350,00 €
– 1st fee deadline: October 15th/ 2nd fee: February 15th

– The admission exam process allows the students to specify a preference for any teacher they want to study with at the Academy.
– The date of the exam are posted by the Main office on the students’ website page.
– The pupils get an alert e-mail so that they can look up the available dates on their reserved area.
– Only under the unquestionable judgement of the Direction and on the teacher’s request, the course can be extended for two extra years for exceptional cases, under unquestionable judgement of the Direction Teaching Committee