The admission exams for the 2022-2023 a.y. Piano courses – including University Degree’s courses – will take place on July and September 2022. The deadlines to enroll are:

  • From 10th to 20th June for those participants in Imola Summer Music Academy & Festival interested in taking the admission exam during Festival (for the details please check the related page of the website)
  • Within 15th July for September session

The admission exams for the 2022-2023 a.y. courses for Flute, Chamber Music, Viola and String Quartet, Cello and Guitar Academies, including the University Degree’s courses, are taking place on June 2022. Candidates can apply from 1st March to 15th May.

The admission exams for the 2022-2023 a.y courses for Violin and Composition Academies, including the University Degree’s courses, are taking place from 22nd to 30th July. Candidates can apply from 1st March to 15th June.

The exam dates already defined are available on each Academy’s page on the website.

If the candidate is unable to reach the Imola Academy Foundation due to the Covid-19 crisis, she/he can ask to play the admission exam in one of these alternative ways:

  • In live connection with the exam committee during the days scheduled by the Secretariat for the exam session;
  • Sending by email a video-audio recording with the execution of the program required for the exam.

This request must be sent by email to the Secretariat ( not later than 15th May.
The request for the long-distance admission exam will be submitted to the Didactic Coordinator for the approval.
If the same conditions for which the student can’t play the exam in the presence of the committee will persist also after her/his admission at the Academy, the Foundation guarantees, exceptionally, the possibility for her/him to follow the lessons on the online platform.

The enrollment procedure to admission exams to all the Academies and Courses must be done electronically.

Click here to enroll

Important: before the enrollment procedure, please verify the study plan and the programs required for the admission exams. All information can be found in the section “Academies and Courses” of this website.

For assistance concerning the type of documents, scheduling, educational contents, enrollment taxes and attendance, please write to:

Required pdf documents to enroll:

1. Identity card copy

2.Curriculum Vitae

3. Repertoire of already studied pieces

4.Exam program (related programs are indicated in the section “Academies and Courses”)

Admission exam fee: 100,00

ATTENTION: for further information concerning the enrollment to the University Degree program, check the related section of the website.