Conducting Course

Professor Marco Boni

Valentino Corvino

The Triennial Orchestra Conducting Course is for musicians regardless of age, it gives the chance to deepen such an important subject , which educates in different ways.
The course is for beginners and experts, there is no admission exam and no specific degree is required to access. An attitude interview with Maestro Marco Boni shall be enough.
Every single pupil will have individual care, according to their goals preparation.

Classes will take place from October to June on a weekly basis, in group or single mode. Lessons will be organized with two piano,  string quartet, and in collaboration with the Young Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna.

The course has a cost of 1800,00€ a year
The payment is divided into three fees which are to be paid as follows:
First fee 900,00€ deadline 15th October every academic year.
Second fee 450,00€ deadline 15th December every academic year.
Third fee 450,00€ deadline 15th February every academic year .
For further information on the course please contact Maestro Marco Boni at his e-mail address