Sala Nervi, concert in honor of Pope Benedict XVI, Vatican 17.10.2009

Recognition: they say about us

“The role of improving in  Italy is fundamental, since it takes to completion and develops  the broadest range in basic and professional music education. The activity to which  Imola’s Accademia has dedicated is to be considered one of the most positive actions undertaken  in the arts field in Italy and  and in Europe, so I think it’s important to support the excellent results it succeeded in.”
Claudio Abbado

“Happy anniversary to Accademia Pianistica of Imola. I wish much success to your pupils.For musicians , as we are, it is always reassuring to know that in various places in the world somebody cares about granting  for the future, that new  generations will keep on passing on  the messages of our beloved  Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Chopin, Liszt, Ravel and many others from the present and the past.”
Marta Argerich

“Investing  in a school like Accademia is really worth it, a school that spends all its  energy uniquely to educate  musicians to the highest  possible  level. It is an institution that doesnt’t operate in order to reach out for success or individual ego, but just to give the world high value musicians. When I talk about Accademia di Imola I hear everywhere: “Oh,  that Accademia is really very special!”
Vladimir Ashkenazy

“On behalf of all of us I would like to thank dearly  the Accademia Pianistica Internazionale “Incontri col Maestro” di Imola. I’d like to thank and show feelings of true appreciation especially to  Maestro Franco Scala, who founded such worthy music institution  twenty years ago, who keeps on directing it with passion and talent. I’m thankful for the words  he used, at the beginning of the soiree, to represent the common feelings of the public. This concert allowed us, once again, to taste the beauty of music, spiritual so universal language, perfect means absolutely suitable for the understanding and the union between people and nations.”
Papa Benedetto XVI

“I can still recall, after many years ,the atmosphere of great professionalism and love for music  that I found at Accademia di Imola.  I’m sure that still today it is like this, due to the strive and passion of true musicians, who are active on a refining work to enrich valid young pianists showing up on the profession and who feel the desire to search in the deeper the hidden misteries of our Art. It’s this love, this passion, all this respect for music that the Accademia Pianistica has built for Italy and a unique model, that I hope will never fade  and I wish it could be an example for all those who want to dedicate to young talents in order to let them be the greatest interpreters of tomorrow.”
Daniele Gatti

“On a beautiful sunny day in spring, just like in fables, I got to know  Accademia di Imola . Right during the first  preparatory interviews for my job – as an orchestra conductor, creating   a romantic repertoire for pianoforte – the fateful quote was called out: If this institution didn’t exist, we should invent it!  Thanks God it was invented , and it has overcome the first decade and it certainly has a  great future ahead.  The future is called ‘working with youngsters’ , the past is the fortune of having probably given something to the young. The present is recognition and congratulations for all that’s been achieved so far.”
Gustav Kuhn

“It was a grat pleasure for me to collaborate with Accademia di Imola, that operates with extreme intelligence into the education of pianists/concert performers, having outstanding teachers and students. What it shows is that there has been an evidence of results for years, considering the statements  found in big international competitions. The formula of this ‘music melting  pot’ imitated in many parts of the world must be always updated to enhance more and more artistic individuality in every pupil. “
Sergio Perticaroli

“I’d like to praise  the extraordinary work  made by  Franco Scala who, through teaching, has helped so many young artists to develop their qualities and to express their talent in music. My very best wishes for the future of Accademia Pianistica Internazionale di Imola.”
Maurizio Pollini