Piano Academy

Director Franco Scala
Deputy Director André Gallo

The Professors


The Advanced Piano Courses are the core of Imola International Academy, born in 1989 under Maestro Scala’s will to change the music teaching method starting from this tool. The didactic activity includes courses, lectures, masterclasses and concerts that take place throughout the academic year. Furthermore, didactic and artistic projects are scheduled, in cooperation with both national and international institutions.

The academic year lasts from 15th October to 14th October of the following year.


Admissions to the Advanced Piano Courses at the Academy follow the students’ age:

1) Pre-Academic Course – up to 14 years old.
2) Multi-year Course – from 15 years old to 19 years old
3) Three-year Course – from 20 to 26 years old
4) Post-Diploma Course (after diploma) – reserved to students who graduated at the Accademia
5) Senior Courses – for pianists over 27 years old

The Director of Piano Academy, Maestro Franco Scala, is available to hold free auditions throughout the academic year, for Piano students up to 26 years old who are interested in taking the admission exam to Piano courses held by the Foundation.

Bachelor’s L-3 and Master’s LM-45 Degree Courses 
The Degree Courses held by Fondazione Accademia di Imola are divided in 8 addresses, including Piano. Please find all the information about the study plan and the attendance fees of Degree Courses at the related section of the website. The program of instrumental exams is equivalent to those of Advanced Piano Course.