Viola and String Quartet Academy

Director Antonello Farulli


The Viola Advanced Course is a Triennial course, for all those who are willing to make an individual musical progress on technique, linked to chamber musi , for this reason there will be a collaboration with other instrument classes, string and pianoforte. The course is intended for young violists, graduated or not.
There will be Individual lessons with the main teacher and with one or more world famous guest teachers, and many occasions of in house and public performances in solo and chamber concerts.

Individual or group classes usually take place in the October-June period .
A minimum of 35 hours of yearly classes is granted, classes will be distributed in a balanced way all along the course.
The is made up of 4 imeetings a year, for a mothly amount of about 4 hours.
Applicants who have been chosen for the Admission exam may set their customized classes schedule with the teacher .
One class held by a famous teacher is granted.
Applicants must commit on completing attendance when signing up, as holding a place in a class means that some other applicant will be excluded.
– Applicants who wish to have more class hours may choose the Intensive course formula when signing up, which includes 40 hours a year (5 hours a month).
– In exceptional cases, attendance may be requested even half year, 15 hours a month. In both cases exception is made only under the teachers’ approval.

The study plan includes the study of repertoire in order to get ready for competitions and auditions every year. At the beginning of the course a detailed work plan will be scheduled, which is likely to be changed under the teacher’s approval, it will include public performing, concerts and technique tests.
There are two exams each year: a technique test in winter and a final exam in June or September.
The examination program will be decided by the students together with the teachers during the schoolyear, and it must go along the reached level.
The course includes some classe and public performances, its repertoire will be decided each time upon the educational path of each student.
In-Class performing is planned by the teachers, at least one performance a month, half of them are mandatory, which means 4 in a year.
Performances may be audio and video recorded. The recordings are available for the students.
During the schoolyear there will be a technique exam consisting in the performance of a complete scale, drawn at that moment (major, minor,double string and arpeggio) and of two chosen studies, responding to each student’s level.

The admission exam is by audition, its program must include the performance of:
• A Studio or Capriccio which will show the applicant’s level
• one tempo from a Concert chosen from the viola repertoire;
Albeit not mandatory, performance by heart is very appreciated.
A pianist to accompany will be present, so applicants shall bring all the necessary piano parts.

The courses attendance is for a limited number of students, applicants will be admitted based on the list that will be set during the Admission exam.
In case of documented requests of relevant interest,the exam may be performed during the schoolyear, but the admission will still undergo the previous list.

Triennial course: €1.200 a year
Triennal course, one stage with guest teacher included: €1.350 a year
Triennial course, two stages with guest teacher included: €1.500 a year
The payment will be set as follows:
First fee expiring 15th October each academic year
Second fee expiring 15th February each academic year

To pass on to the following year students must pass the yearly final exam, consisting in 60 min program including:
• a Concert or piece for viola and orchestra taken from the most important repertoire;
• a piece for solo viola ;
• a virtuoso piece;
• one or more pieces to be defined with the teacher.
If the pupils are younger than 16, programs will be shaped based upon the study level


Antonello Farulli

The String Quartet Course is for all the quartets , already formed ones or not. Individual registration is admitted. Each quartet must perform two different movements, different in style and time period, in order to pass the Admission exam. The individual performers will play two different pieces.

Individual or group classes usually take place in the October-June period.
The is made up of 4 meetings a year, for a mothly amount of about 4 hours.
Applicants who have been chosen for the Admission exam may schedule their customized classes with the teacher.
One class held by a famous teacher is granted.

€ 250 each group member
Payment must be made within 15th October each schoolyear