The first Aiforart General Assembly in Agis took place on Monday 12 June 2023 in Rome, led by our Ceo Angela Maria Gidaro in the role of President, together with her colleagues in the Executive: Vice Presidents Amalia Salzano (AIDAF) and Marco Plini (Scuole Civiche Milano), and members Paolo Stratta (Cirko Vertigo) and Pino Lombardo (Bernstein School of Musical Theatre).
Agis President Francesco Giambrone graced the proceedings by opening the Assembly.
Important topics see the member institutions committed to supporting theĀ  Italian excellence education system in the performing arts Music-Theatre-Dance-Contemporary Circus-Musical: didactics, connection with the world of production and opening up to Europe.
An agenda of ambitious goals. A continuous challenge towards improvement for our young students and for our institutions that constitute a complex but robust backbone of the Italian performing arts system.