Academy 2021


dates to be finalised – Franco Scala, Direttore
20/23 July – Roberto Giordano, Vice-Director
18/21 July – Stefano Fiuzzi
22/25 July – Ingrid Fliter
22/28 July – André Gallo
18/21 July – Jin Ju
15/22 July – Leonid Margarius
27/30 July – Enrico Pace
21/30 July – Boris Petrushansky
26/30 July – Riccardo Risaliti
24/30 July – Igor Roma
dates to be finalised – Alessandro Taverna
28/30 July – Giovanni Valentini

*2/3 July – Admission exams
5/23 July – Boris Belkin, Direttore
4/9 July – Maurizio Sciarretta

14/18 July – Enrico Bronzi, Director
14/17 July – Luca Magariello

5/10 July – Antonello Farulli, Director

16/20 July – Andrea Manco, Director
16/20 July – Maurizio Valentini
8/10 July – Paolo Taballione, Guest Professor

8/18 July – Giovanni Puddu, Director
10/15 July – Arturo Tallini
5/7  July – Giulio Tampalini

5/13 July – Marco Zuccarini, Director
dates to be finalised – Marco Albonetti
1/4  July – Nazzareno Carusi/Ludovica Rana
10/13 July – Anton Dressler
10/13 July – Alain Meunier

23/30 July – Marco Di Bari, Director

12/21 July – Marco Boni


Enrollment in the Master Classes is free for internal and external students, without age limits. For external students, admissions are carried out on evaluation of the curriculum and according to the maximum limit of places available. For the Violin Courses there is an admission exam to be held in presence on 2 and 3 July.

To register it is necessary to follow the online procedure described in the Application, within the following deadlines:
– May 31st 2021: for internal students
– June 10th 2021: for external students

The Masterclasses will take place in presence, in full compliance with the shared regulatory protocol for the contrast and containment of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 virus.
The Foundation reserves the right to evaluate any requests for the online attendance, verifying the requests case by case. These requests must be sent by email to no later than the deadlines set for the registration procedure.
The students enrolled in the Festival can attend as auditors the lessons of all courses for free, compatibly with the maximum number of simultaneous attendance in the classroom.


To meet the needs of candidates and families, given the difficult times caused by the pandemic, the Foundation has applied low fees for the 2021 edition of the Summer Festival. The fees must be paid only if the actual execution of the Festival is possible and guaranteed in case of cancellation due to Covid.

Piano, Violin, Cello, Flute, Guitar, Composition, Conducting
External students: € 300 attendance fee, for 3 hours of individual lessons
Internal students: recovery of academic hours without costs and the possibility of carrying out additional lessons at a cost of € 90 per hour, subject to availability

Chamber Music
External students (only in group): € 500 total attendance fee per group, for 3 lessons of 1 hour and a half
Internal students of Chamber Music: recovery of academic hours without costs and the possibility of carrying out additional lessons at a cost of € 150 for group for 1 hour and a half lesson, subject to availability.
For Internal students of all the Imola Academies, free participation in the course of Maestro Marco Zuccarini during the Summer Festival,  proposing chamber group established, or to be established, among internal students of the Imola Academies. To register for this offer, write an email in advance to

External students: € 300 attendance fee, for at least 3 hours of individual lessons
Internal students: recovery of academic hours without costs

External students: € 100 attendance fee per quartet
Internal students: recovery of academic hours without costs