Senior Course

Senior Course

The Senior Course is restricted to pianists aged over 27.
It is dedicated to concert pianists who wish to face with the Academy teachers in order to improve their piano repertoire and specific methodological tools of the performer.
Access to the course is granted only if the student is introduced to the Academy by one or more teachers, and taking an admission exam to be passed with the unanimous consent of the testing committee.

Admission exam:
– a recital to last not less than 60 minutes

Sign up for the Admission exam: click  here

Passage exam:
– a 60 minutes recital
– a concert for piano and orchestra
It is necessary the unanimous Exam Committee’s consent to go on with the course.

– The admission exam process allows the students to specify a preference for one or more teachers they want to study with at the Academy.
– Tests dates will be released from the front office on the Student’s website.
– Pupils receive a notification email, so that they can check on the exam sessions in their personal area of the online portal.
– Only under the unquestionable judgement of the Direction and on the teacher’s request, the Triennial Course can be extended for an extra year for educational purposes.
–The reference teacher has to check that the minutes and the pieces of the exam program are proper to the rules.

– The maximum period for the Senior Course is 3 years.

Annual attendance fee € 2.250, divided in two instalments:
within 15th October € 1.125
within 15th February € 1.125