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Within the guitar world renovation process, Giovanni Puddu, the renowned interpreter from Cagliari, represents nowadays one of the highest profile figures. Giovanni Puddu is defined “one of the recognized champions in modern and contemporary repertoire who is operating at present to trace new ways in music interpretation on guitar” by the most authorative specialized critics. He educated through a cultural path centered on the interaction among music and literature knowledge. He attended various guitar schools, distancing himself from any rigidity: from Angelo Gilardino to John Williams, Oscar Ghiglia, Manuèl Barrueco, Alìrio Diaz and Leo Brouwer. Rewarded of the greatest recognitions in the main international competitions, he began concert activity, which has led him successfully all over Europe, to North and South America, Japan, India and to Australia; besides his solo role, he also perfoms in a duo with his brother Luigi and in chamber groups with absolute prestige partners. Interested in new music forms, Giovanni Puddu has revealed many unreleased on unfrequent tracks from original literature from the 19th century in his concerts and he’s assiduously committed to very first musical performances and song publication of songs dedicated to him, and as far as contemporary guitar repertoire goes. A big part of this versatile musician’s energy is oriented to processing an interpretation methodology based on solid scientific basis, and applied to an educational vocation which is featured as a true performing School, to which students from all over the world come.