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Danilo Rossi

Student of some of the most important viola masters and getting his diploma with the highest grade (cum laude), Danilo Rossi shown his musical skills already when he was 16 when he won his first International Competition. At 20, he was chosen to take the part of First Soloist Viola at the prestigious Teatro alla Scala di Milano, becoming the youngest musician of the whole history of the theatre to cover that role. Since that moment his career became an infinity of concerts, festivals, meetings and recitals that brought him all around the world.

Always open to the most different experiences, the contacts with actors, writers and poets brought him performing in the most various places of the world: from prisons to the forests of Trentino Alto Adige, from the swamps of Sri Lanka to the Off-theaters of suburbs.

Thanks to the great music leaders met during the years (Fabrizio Merlini, Dino Asciolla and Piero Farulli about the viola, while Paolo Borciani and the Trio di Trieste about chamber music), Danilo Rossi teaches musical and human certainties since 30 years that brought his students to achieve excellent results.