Pre-Academic Course

Pre-Academic Course

The Pre-Academic Course is restricted to pupils age 14 or younger who want to nurture their talent and pursue a concertistic carrier.

Admission test
– A free program to last 15-20 minutes, to be played by rote

Sign up for admission test: click here

Passage test:
– A free program, to be decided by the teacher, to last 20-30 minutes. In the free program the previous pieces will not be counted.

– The registration process to the admission test allows the applicants to write their preference for one or more teachers they want to study with at the Academy
– Tests dates will be released from the front office on the Student’s website
– Pupils receive a notification email, so that they can check on the exam sessions in their personal area of the online portal.
–The reference teacher has to check that the minutes and the pieces of the exam program are proper to the rules.


Annual attendance fee € 2.100, divided in two instalments:
within 15th October € 1.050
within 15th February € 1.050