Monsignani Sassatelli Palace

It used to make a single building, together with Palazzo Della Bordella, located on the corner with via dell’Inferno, originally Alidosis’ property, lords of Imola from half  14th century to 1424, it was bought by the Sassatellis in 1369, enlarged and refurbished. It was finished in its current look after 1522,its  impressive outside frame leans out on  via Emilia on a basement escarp. The main entrance, located at number 69, leads to a porticoed courtyard made by thin columns of sandstone, with capitals showing  Giovanni”Cagnaccio”Sassatelli’s crest, head of the pope ‘s political party in the city. The backdoor entrance  for the barn was the one over Piazza del Duomo. The Palace was not only the main Sassatelliìs court,it also hosted private army, who started their bloody fights against the enemy faction of Vaini. It was probably here that Knight Guidarello was betrayed and killed in 1501, during  a carnival feast organized by Cesare Borgia, whose death monument can be admired in Ravenna at Museumd’Arte della città di Ravenna. The palace,now provate property, hosts some rooms used by the Academy for the fortepiano courses and “Mariele Ventre” Hall, an auditorium where the concerts, the recordings, the essaysand and the exams are performed.