Post-Diploma Course

Post-Diploma Course

The Post-Diploma Course is dedicated to pianists who have already got their Diploma in the Accademia.
Access to Post-Diploma Course is not granted on admission exam if the students have just got their Three-Year Course Diploma.
If the students apply after two years or more, an admission exam is necessary with the unanimous approval of the examination board.

Admission exam:
– a recital concert program at least 60 minutes long

Passage test:
– a recital around 60 minutes long
– a concert for pianoforte and orchestra

To proceed with the course, a unanimous approval of the examination board is necessary.
It is not allowed to repeat pieces which have been already presented during the previous years.

– The admission exam process allows the students to specify a preference for any teacher they want to study with at the Academy.
– The exam date are released by the secretariat on the students online Portal.
– The pupils receive a notification mail so that they can look up the available dates on their reserved area.
– By teacher’s request an had the unquestionable judgement of the Direction, the Three-Year Course can be extended for one extra year for educational purposes.
– Concerning pieces and timing, it is the reference teacher’s responsability to verify that the passage test programs follow the predefined rules.
– The Post-Diploma Course can last 5 years at most.

Costs and deadlines:
Annual tuition fee: 2250,00 €
– 1st fee deadline: October 15th/2nd fee: February 15th