Post-Diploma Course

The Post-Diploma Course is dedicated to pianists who have already got their Diploma in the Accademia.
Access to Post-Diploma Course is not granted on admission exam if the students have just gotten their Triennial Course Diploma.
If the registration is after two years or more, an admission exam is necessary with the unanimous consent of the testing committee.

Admission exam:
– a recital concert program not less than 60 minutes

Passage test:
– a recital of about 60 minutes
– a concert for pianoforte and orchestra

To go on with the course, a unanimous Exam Committee’s consent is necessary.
It is not allowed to repeat pieces of music already presented during the previous years.

– The admission exam process allows the students to specify a preference for any teacher they want to study with at the Academy.
– The date of the exam are posted by the Main office on the students’ website page.
– The pupils get an alert e-mail so that they can look up the available dates on their reserved area.
– Only under the unquestionable judgement of the Direction and on the teacher’s request, the Triennial Course can be extended for an extra year for educational purposes.
– It is the reference teacher’s responsability to verify that the passage test programs go under the set rules, as far as the pieces of music and the timing are concerned.
– The maximun period for the Post-Diploma Course lasts 5 years.

Costs and deadlines:
Annual tuition fee: 2250,00 €
– 1st fee deadline: October 15th/2nd fee: February 15th