In the Accademy there are active courses on Flute, Violin, Cello, Viola, String Quartet, Chamber Music, Analisys and Composition and Orchestra Conduction.

These Departments were born in the Academy in the 2000s, with the precise will to complement intense piano teaching to other instruments, in order to let the musicians get a complete education on Chamber and Orchestra Music as well.
The teaching activity will include courses, seminars, practice and concert, which take place under a yearly planning, which is proposed by the Faculty and approved by the Teaching Committee.
The academic year starts on October 15th and finishes on October 14th of the following year.

It is possible to enter as Auditor, under a previous authorization to be obtained by written request via e-mail to the main office address. Auditors may attend to all the Academy’s activities, under the single teacher’s authorization but they are not allowed to write on their resumé that they are or were students at the Accademy.